Critical Research Journal

  1. Fact, fiction and faction

    2022-05-03 11:46:37 UTC
    Photography is a powerful medium to visually record the world we live in and like literature lends itself to classification in terms of subject matter and genre. Personally, I am influenced by the documentary tradition, and much of the work I admire fits into that category.  However I am also…

  2. Robert Adams three ‘verities’

    2022-04-29 03:59:53 UTC
    Robert Adams says in his essay “Truth in Landscape” that landscape photography offers us three verities: geography, autobiography and metaphor.[1] He proposes that the artist must be a geographical mediator to help the viewer discover the meaning of a place. I have been exploring these verities in relation to…

  3. Thinking differently about ‘Think Different’

    2022-04-08 10:47:00 UTC
    Whilst I was student, Apple continued as a source of inspiration for me both in their development of the macintosh computer and also with the breakthrough ‘counter-culture’ marketing that launched it.  One of their most memorable campaigns used a series of black and white portraits of creative geniuses whose thinking…

  4. The rhetoric of the image

    2022-03-17 03:33:07 UTC
    Fig.1 It has been interesting to reflect on a series of ads i created a few years ago. For Levis’, I created a campaign to promote their red tab line of jeans (Fig.1).  The concept was quite simple: Levi’s RedTab jeans are so comfortable and durable you’ll never want to…

  5. Reading photographs

    2022-03-14 06:55:50 UTC
    Left: Steve McCurry 1985. Afghan Girl. Right: Jodi Bieber 2009. Bibi Aisha. When ‘reading’ these two examples of different Afghan women who are of a similar age we should take into account the stare, not just that of the two women in the photographs but that of ourselves, what…

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